About us

We are an Austrian-Croatian alliance of real estate development companies dedicated to excellence, customer satisfaction and elite-level quality standards. Our team consists of highly experienced professionals who have spent years in real estate development, tourism and management areas. Bringing together our knowledge, expertise and insight, we created Stanzia Vela - a project that not only capitalizes on its envious position in the heart of Istria, but offers you the best of our years of experience and customer satisfaction.

Shall you decide to find yourself a unique retreat for spending your summer vacation or build a permanent home in one of the most pictoresque and lively regions of Europe, than Stanzia Vela is the place to be. Less than a half hour's drive from historical gems such as Rovinj and Pula and the Adriatic coast beaches, while retaining the privacy and quiet of the inner Istrian countryside with its rich gastonomical and oenological offer, Stanzia Vela is both intimate and practical in terms of its location.

We are certain that you will enjoy seeing your dream come to life if you decide to invest in Stanzia Vela development project. It is an investment for life and for many generations to come. Be one of the first to seize this opportunity in Istria, the most developed region of the newest member of the European Union - Croatia.